There are numerous multiplayer online games that have become quite famous. To play these games on your terms, it is a good idea to get your server.

One such intriguing game is 7 days to die. The number of players playing this game is increasing consistently. So is the demand for the best 7 days to die game hosting servers.

Today, we will share with you the hosting options and what exactly is 7 ways to die.

Let us shed some light on the game.

What is 7 days to die?

7 days to die is a survival horror video game. It has an open-world premise. The multiplayer game allows you to interact with other players as well as explore the open world.

The game is available for Microsoft Windows as well as Mac OS operating systems.

To play this game on your terms, you can get 7 days to die hosting. Today, we will share with you 7 such providers offering the best hosting for this game.

1. ServerBlend:

The best thing about ServerBlend is the fact that all the servers are DDOS protected. Along with that, the provider offers 24/7 support. When you encounter any problem, you can get it resolved in no time.

The standard package offers you slots for 10+ players with value for money hardware. In case you need the best out of it, you have to go with the premium package, which will cost you $25.5 per month. The standard will cost you $ 13.5 per month.

Both the packages offer you a control panel. Customizing the servers is possible due to the same.

The free, easy transfer means that migration is undoubtedly going to be easy.

You can also install mods in both packages.

Across the packages, you can opt for eight different locations. It means that getting a location with low ping is undoubtedly possible.

With so many options available across both packages, you cannot go wrong with them.


• DDOS Protection on offer

• Low ping design

• Control panel on offer

• 8 different locations

• Free easy migration


• Navigation of website can be better

2. BlueFang Solutions:

Do you prefer 7 days to die game hosting with slots?

If so, the hosting provider which we are discussing now is perfect for you.

It allows you to go with the package according to the slots which you want. The slots start at 12 and go all the way up to 50.

When you’re opting for hosting with 12 slots, you will have to shell out $15 per month.

Moreover, you can choose the location according to your requirement.

The FTP access ensures that customizing the server and installing mods is easily possible.

Moreover, the 72-hour money-back guarantee helps it stand out.

The 24/7 support can get your queries resolved.

It offers you a command-line editor for precise editing and customization.

Thus, if you need complete control over your 7 days to die game hosting server, you can definitely go with this one.


• 24/7 support access

• FTP access on offer

• Complete customization options

• SSD drives available


• Set up can be faster

3. GTX Gaming:

GTX Gaming offers 7 days to die game hosting along with complete mod support. It offers 24/7 support as well. It means that if you face any query, you can get the resolution quite quickly.

Want to switch your game?

The hosting provider offers you that as well.

In terms of security, it offers DDOS protection. You need not worry about hacking.

With numerous locations spanning across the entire globe, you can choose a server near you.

The offsite backups ensure that it becomes easier for you to restore your server in case of any issue.

The hosting provider offers a 24-hour refund as well in case you’re not satisfied with the game hosting server.

The easy-to-use game hosting panel ensures that installing the mods or setting up the game is indeed easy.

The convenience is the reason why you should go with this hosting provider.


• Easy to understand interface

• 24-hour refund on offer

• DDOS protection

• Mod support on offer


• Only three backups available

4. ARK Servers:

Want 7 days to die game hosting on trial?

If so, you can go with this game hosting provider. It offers a definite trial. Only when you’re satisfied with the server can you go ahead and pay for it.

The instantaneous setup within a minute ensures that you can access the server in no time.

With the help of excellent documentation and control panel access, it becomes easier to customize the server. That is why; installing the mods is undoubtedly easy.

With the help of one-click or automatic backup, you always have a version of your server in case it gets hacked. Restoring the server also becomes easy due to the same.

Another advantage of this hosting is that you can schedule various actions. Due to the same, you need not manually configure to update the server.

The guaranteed CPU priority which you get allows you to get low ping time. The FTP access is another reason to go with it.

The DDOS protection certainly makes this server robust.

The faster support ensures that you can get your queries resolved in no time.

With 4 locations available across the continents, getting a server with a low ping will not be a problem.

The servers start at as low as $ 16 per month for 32 players. You can easily buy a bigger server with more slots as well.

The value for money, as well as the trial period which this hosting provider offers, makes them a reliable choice.


• Value for money

• Trial period on offer

• Easy to configure the server

• Scheduler on offer


• Only 4 locations

5. Host Havoc:

Host Havoc not only offers you excellent 7 days to die server hosting but also allows you to choose the number of slots you need.

You can go with 14 slots, 16 slots; it includes up to 40 slots. Consequently, getting the hosting exactly according to your requirement is easy.

The charges are approximately $ 0.81 per slot.

The 99.9% uptime guarantee makes it extremely reliable.

Not only that, it offers 24/7 support.

In terms of locations, you can get 11 different global locations. You can easily cherry-pick between them.

The DDOS protection makes the server reliable. You will not have to worry about hacking due to the same.

The command line manager makes it easy to customize the server according to your requirement.

It offers 72-hour money back. It means that if you’re not satisfied with the server, you can get your money back.

The customization option which 7 days to die offers you makes it a good choice.


• Allows you to buy according to the number of slots

• 24/7 access

• 99.9% uptime guarantee

• DDOS protection on offer


• Setup can be faster

6. PingPerfect:

The quick server setup by this hosting provider certainly helps it stand out. Along with that, you get a money-back guarantee as well.

In case you have any issues, you get 24/7 support access as well.

Wondering about the location?

It offers numerous global locations. Finding a server near you is undoubtedly easy due to the same. When you choose a server near you, you can get a low ping easily. It ensures that there will be no latency.

You get 1 GB of web space as well. Whether you want to install any files or mods, you can do so without any worry.

The game panel which you get allows you to customize the server.

The full backup system allows you to restore the server in case anything goes wrong.

The FTP access allows you to access the server space without any worry.

Not satisfied with 7 days to die?

If so, you can switch the game easily as well.

The highlight of this hosting provider is that it provides you with enterprise-quality hardware. That is why reliability is excellent.

With a holistic set of features on offer, it is difficult to ignore this game hosting provider.


• Enterprise hardware access

• 1 GB web space available

• Instantaneous server setup

• Numerous locations available


• Need to opt for debranding

7. GameServer Kings:

GameServer Kings allows you to rent the server for 7 days to die according to the number of slots you need. The slots can vary from 15 to 40.

It accepts various payment mods. That is why paying for the server is not going to be a problem.

With the help of 99.9% uptime, you will not have to worry about downtime in the game.

It allows you to install plug-ins as well as mods.

Moreover, the DDOS protection ensures that the server is well-protected as well.

The server starts at just $ 14.95 per month. It means that it is extremely affordable.

Moreover, the complete control panel access allows you to customize it according to your requirement.

Thus, all the necessary features on offer, along with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, make it a great choice.


• Easy to choose hosting according to slots

• Accepts various payment methods

• 99.9% uptime

• DDOS protection


• Support can be better

Thus, when you’re looking for 7 days to die game hosting, these are the 7 options that you can go with. We have curated these options after going through hundreds of game hosting providers. That is why, when you’re choosing from this list, you’re going with the best one. Now it is time to focus on the game rather than the hosting and the server. Once you choose the provider from our list above, you can focus on the game easily.